Keeping You Safe

Our office would like to make you aware of steps we are taking to ensure maximum safety for our team, yourselves and your families. In addition to following the recommendations of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Indiana Dental Association (IDA), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), we have consulted with Dr. Howard Pactovis. Dr. Pactovis is President of Dynamic Dental Safety and a nationally recognized expert in office safety. He has been instrumental in formulating guidelines for dental practices to follow.

We have always believed in impeccable infection control and annually sponsor OSHA seminars for our office and many of our referring offices, as well. Our infection control procedures are designed to eliminate infections agents much stronger than the Corona Virus, such as spores, HIV and TB.

Common safety practices you are used to seeing during your visits with us include:

  • Use of sterile surgical gloves, surgical masks and surgical hats
  • Thorough cleaning of surfaces in patient treatment rooms with disinfecting wipes to kill viruses and bacteria
  • Use of reverse osmosis water (instead of city water) in all treatment rooms
  • Use of single-use disposable items whenever possible
  • Readily available hand sanitizer and anti-bacterial soap throughout the office for patient and team use

Some of our new practices and precautions include:

  • An air purification system has been installed and is constantly running
  • All team members will wear masks in all areas of the office
  • All team members will review our COVID19 Screening Form before coming into the office and their temperature will be taken prior to the start of the day
  • All surfaces in the reception area and front desks will be frequently wiped down including chairs, door handles and counters
  • Magazines and books have been removed from the reception area due to the difficulty to clean and disinfect
  • All patients will be prescreened on the telephone when their appointments are confirmed. Any patient with a fever or who have been exposed in the past ten days to anyone who has tested positive for COVID19 will be rescheduled for a later date
  • All patient entering the office will have their temperature taken and their medical history will be reviewed
  • If patients are wearing disposable gloves, they will be asked to dispose of them before entering the office and offered new gloves if desired
  • No patients or others will be allowed to remain in the reception room  or enter the office without face masks

This has been a frightening and terrible ordeal for everyone. Rest assured we will continue to stay abreast of changes in recommendations, make alterations to our policies and procedures as needed and will keep you updated. Together, we will get through this and we are here to help you maintain your oral health.

Greg Phillips and our entire office team